How far in advance do I need to book a session?
Please schedule your lesson at least a day in advance if possible. We typically run polo games Wednesday, Friday evenings and Sunday mornings. For clinics and special off site events we request 48 hours advance notice.
Are you able to provide off site clinics and lessons?
Yes! We are thrilled to offer the experience of Polo at FireStar Polo Club but are available to travel for lessons and clinics.
What do I need to wear for the lesson?
All equipment is provided. Just wear long pants and closed toed shoes.
Do I need to bring a horse?
All horses and equipment will be provided for your lesson and instruction.
What is Arena Polo?
Arena polo is a fast paced version of Polo played in an enclosed facility 300 feet by 150 feet . 3 players on each team and games that are 4 chukkers(periods) of 7 1/2 minuets each.
How do I pay?
We gladly accept cash or major credit cards only.